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Living in a big city should not be a lonely experience, but it is and the problem is only getting worse. Social Isolation is a fixable problem and it stems from individuals overestimating the effort it takes to connect with others while underestimating the joy they’d feel.
Based on research that shows social bonds are created when we spend meaningful time with those geographically closest to us, we created a platform to inspire community in buildings. Using nudges, neighborr eases the psychological burden of forming meaningful social bonds.
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We’re on a mission to improve urban living
We are an early-stage startup with massive growth potential, so we need colleagues with an entrepreneurial mind. Social Media may have dominated the last 10 years, but together, we can shape the next 10. Come join us in creating the next iteration of societal living.
We will be hiring for a variety of positions in the future. Most of our tech infrastructure is already set up in-house, but we’re looking for one last technical co-founder to round out our team:
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